What are the charges against Justine Johnson? Michigan mom who killed daughter on ‘orders from Spongebob’ sentenced to life


On September 16, 2021, Justine Johnson of Michigan purportedly cut her 3-year-old girl Sutton Mosser a few times and discarded her body in a dark garbage sack. The 22-year-old guaranteed that she was fantasizing a direct result of medication withdrawal and lack of sleep at the hour of the episode.

Justine let examiners know that the animation character SpongeBob Squarepants requested her to murder her little girl, Sutton, or she would die herself.

She is accused of first-degree crime murder and first-degree youngster misuse.

In February, Justine Johnson confessed to her charges and will carry out a punishment of life in jail without the chance of parole.

As per Regulation and Wrongdoing, examiners detailed that on September 17, 2021, at around 4 am, Justine’s brother found a dark garbage sack with the 3-year-old’s foot standing out of it and reached the police.

Regulation and Wrongdoing announced that the police recuperated Sutton Mosser’s body while Justine was missing. Following a pursuit, at around 8:30 am, police purportedly found Justine and arrested her. At the point when examined concerning her departed little girl, she allegedly advised officials that she would have rather not tended to the subject and was captured.

Mlive revealed that during the fundamental becoming aware of the case, Youngster Defensive Administrations Agent Ryan Eberline affirmed that in a meeting with Justine Johnson on October 1, the last option told her that she was unable to review the particulars of the occurrence and was going through pipedreams because of heroin withdrawal and absence of rest for around fourteen days.

According to the New York Post’s report, while discussing the fantasies from the television that obviously requested Justine to murder her little girl, Ryan Eberline said:

“It was SpongeBob who was expressing these things on the television. On the off chance that she didn’t do how she treated her girl, they would kill her. She said she was apprehensive for her life, and she had flipped out.”

Law&Crime detailed that alongside the lifelong incarceration for the lawful offense murder of her girl, who was wounded multiple times, Iosco Area Circuit Judge David C. Riffel requested Justine Johnson to carry out a punishment of a limit of 50 years for first-degree youngster misuse.

Law&Crime announced that during her condemning hearing, Justine addressed the court and expressed that before killing Sutton Mosser, she had been experiencing pipedreams and couldn’t remember any subtleties of her girl’s passing.

As per a report by Law&Crime, Justine said, In the court film posted by MLive, Justine Johnson informed the court that she was determined to have marginal behavioral condition, bipolar, ADHD, tension, and gloom when she was 13. She likewise referenced that in 2021 she was not on her meds for a year and had been utilizing drugs, including meth and heroin.

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