What are the charges against Michael Keetley? Florida ice-cream man found guilty in murder retrial


A previous Florida frozen yogurt transporter, Michael Keetley, is being investigated briefly time for a twofold homicide. This is after the underlying procedures, held in 2020, purportedly finished in a legal blunder when the hearers couldn’t arrive at a consistent decision.

Michael Keetley was seen as at fault for two counts of homicide and four counts of endeavored first-degree murder for killing two individuals and harming four others on Thanksgiving Day 2010. The decision was passed on Monday, Walk 27, 2023, following thirteen hours of thought by a jury.

Keetley, who burned through 13 years in jail, has supposedly been in prison since his capture in 2010 and faces life in jail without the chance of parole.

Michael Keetley is blamed for killing two brothers, Juan Guitron, 28, and Sergio Guitron, 22, in a vengeance frenzy after a previous shooting episode left him crippled and unfit to work.

In view of various reports, it was noticed that eleven months before the slaughter, Keetley was left crippled after he was shot and denied of $12 by two shooters while on a frozen yogurt course.

During the preliminary, investigators contended that the evening of the killing, Keetley, dressed as a cop, showed up at the casualty’s home on November 25, 2010, as he trusted that his aggressor – whom he had named “the Creeper” – was among the six individuals sitting on a patio outside the Ruskin home.

Examiners said that not long after, Keetley started shooting, looking for vengeance on a man he recognized as “Creeper,” who he accepted was liable for the assault that left him impaired months sooner after he was shot in the hand, arm, chest, and leg.

In shutting contentions last week, Associate State Lawyer Michelle Doherty told members of the jury:

During the preliminary, examiners introduced observers, including the survivors who reviewed the episode and let the members of the jury know that the evening of the homicide, Keetley, dressed as a policeman, moved toward the home and requested a man named “Creeper ” prior to starting to shoot at the scene.

#BREAKING: A Florida jury finds #MichaelKeetley GUILTY of shooting and killing Sergio and Juan Guitron. pic.twitter.com/FfxQjvtOTj

— Court TV (@CourtTV) March 28, 2023

Keetley’s ex likewise affirmed, saying the previous frozen yogurt truck man was fixated on finding the individual who ransacked and shot him in 2010.

In the mean time, Michael Keetley denied any association in the twofold homicide. During the preliminary, the protection contended Keetley’s wounds, supported during the burglary months sooner, kept him from employing a weapon.

As recently revealed, guard lawyer John Award contended that after the burglary, Keetley needed to go through numerous medical procedures that left him with critical nerve harm, keeping him from holding items or even a weapon. According to Cove News, the four casualties who were injured yet endure the assault were recognized as Daniel Beltran, Gonzalo Guevara, Ramon Galan Jr., and Richard Cantu.

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