What did Kawana Jenkins do? Georgia detention officer charged over relationship with inmate


On Wednesday, Walk 22, Georgia specialists revealed that detainment official Kawana Jenkins had been captured over a relationship with a detainee. As per WSBTV, the charges surfaced after authorities found a stash cellphone in which a video of Jenkins participating in unequivocal demonstrations with the prisoner had been saved. According to AJC, Kawana Jenkins has been utilized at the Fulton Area Detainment Center beginning around 2019.

Georgia authorities have communicated shock subsequent to review the episode’s video. Specialists attest that Jenkins had an improper long haul relationship with the detainee and even ventured to such an extreme as to give him the booty cellphone used to record the occasion.

Kawana Jenkins has been accused of two counts of inappropriate s*xual contact by a representative or specialist, five counts of infringement of vow by a public official, two counts of wild lead, two counts of savagery to detainees, and one count of giving a prisoner a restricted thing without approval.

In an authority explanation to the press, Fulton Province Sheriff Patrick Labat denounced the activities of Kawana Jenkins.

“As Sheriff of Fulton Province, I’m focused on straightforwardness and to considering every single worker responsible to vow they have taken to secure and serve our local area.”
His assertion proceeded:

“The activities of this one individual are surely not an impression of the people of the Fulton Province Sheriff’s Office. By far most of representatives are to be recognized for their uprightness, obligation to support and the work they do every day of the week.”

Specialists expressed that the appointed authority has conceded the suspect bond. While the instance of Kawana Jenkins’ supposed undertaking stunned the region, connections among prisoners and confinement officials are the same old thing. According to NBC, Brenda Smith, a regulation teacher who battles against the double-dealing and maltreatment of prisoners, said that such connections are normal. She noted, in any case, that they are upsetting because of the power unevenness among prisoners and officials.

Former Fulton County detention officer Kawana Jenkins has been arrested after being caught being inappropriate with a male inmate.

The incident was videotaped on a contraband cellphone but then seized during a shakedown. pic.twitter.com/bnwfeb6y7R

— Everything Georgia (@GAFollowers) March 22, 2023

Smith said that two elements lead to such cases. The first is that prisoners have next to no security. On account of female officials, while they are in a, influential place somewhat, they are likewise much of the time badgering and externalized by male detainees.

The most popular illustration of an unlawful prisoner official relationship happened in 2015 at New York’s Clinton Restorative Office. Prisoners Richard Matt and David Sweat purportedly had a relationship with prison guard Joyce Mitchell, who supposedly assisted them with getting away. Joyce Mitchell was condemned to 7 years for her part in the occurrence.

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