What did Keith Lilliock do? Greensburg man charged as 11-year-old girl rescued after alleged abduction


On Walk 27, 2023, 43-year-old Keith Lilliock of Greensburg was accused of crime allegations of drawing a youngster into a vehicle and disrupting the guardianship of kids by the Pennsylvania State Police.

Pennsylvania State Police expressed that they got a missing report of a 11-year-old young lady from Youngwood on Walk 26, 2023. She was last spotted riding her bike, which was situated close to the BFS service station.

A police examination uncovered that Lilliock met the 11-year-old at the service station and later took her to his home.

Keith Lilliock has been confined at the Westmoreland Province Jail and denied bond.

Following the missing report and disclosure of her bike, the Westmoreland Region Dog Group was dispatched to the site, and the casualty’s fragrance was found around the corner store.

Specialists were informed the casualty had an iPad with her and had the option to find her area to a home close to Latrobe. Some time later, the casualty was situated at the Latrobe home.

An assertion by the Westmoreland Province Dad Lead prosecutor’s Office expressed that the casualty supposedly educated the police that she was endeavoring to ride her bike to Pittsburgh to visit her sister when she chose to have some time off at a corner store.

The Westmoreland Province Dad Lead prosecutor’s Office likewise announced that the casualty expressed she strolled over to the Dollar General and was drawn closer by Keith Lilliock, who told her he would take her to her objective after he shut the store for the evening.

Police detailed that Keith drove the 11-year-old to his home in South Greensburg, where he withdrew the vehicle and went inside for five minutes preceding getting back to the vehicle.

The casualty likewise educated the police that before she requested that he drive her to a companion’s home in Latrobe, Keith scoured her leg and contacted her stomach district under her shirt.

An assertion by the Westmoreland Region Dad Head prosecutor’s Office likewise referenced that Pennsylvania State Police examined reconnaissance video from inside the Dollar General to find Keith Lilliock chatting with the casualty for north of 20 minutes.

Officers detailed that Keith conceded that he offered the 11-year-old a ride however denied contacting her.

WTAE announced that when police addressed Keith if whatever else occurred while he was in his vehicle with the person in question, he unexpectedly referenced that he didn’t contact the youngster.

Police referenced that Keith was just gotten some information about what had occurred in the vehicle, and nothing was determined about the casualty’s allegation.

“He purportedly told officers he used to be a miscreant, however he is a born-again Christian and tracked down Jesus.”
According to a report by WTAE, Keith Lilliock supposedly told the police he used to be attracted to 16-year-old young ladies, however is currently reborn and no longer has that impression.

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