What happened to Felicia Johnson? Missing update as remains found in Montgomery County


The Montgomery District Sheriff’s Office declared that they have found the human remaining parts of Felicia Johnson, who disappeared from northwest Houston in April 2022.

The declaration was made on Monday, February 27, 2023, through a Facebook post, and uncovered that the 24-year-old’s remaining parts were tracked down in the Sam Houston Public Woods.

The Sheriff’s Specialty shared that at around 12 pm on February 7, they answered a call from Sam Houston Public Woodland, based close to Interstate 149 and Flamingo Lakes.

They got the bring regarding the disclosure of conceivable human bones. The remaining parts were situated by a TxDot specialist who informed policing.

According to Houston police, Felicia Johnson disappeared on April 16, 2022, and was most recently seen at South Richmond Road. She was accounted for missing that very day from the Clinical Center inn.

Tests showed that the human remaining parts found in the timberland were those of Felicia Johnson
After human remaining parts were found at Sam Houston Public Woodland, Montgomery Province Murder/Fierce Violations Investigators led an examination at the crime location.

They observed that the bones were that of a human, and the DNA and dental records were shipped off a lab to sort out whose bones they were.

After getting results from the tests, it was inferred that the bones had a place with Felicia. The previously mentioned discharge added that the dental records affirmed that the human remaining parts were that of Felicia Johnson, and that they trust that the disclosure of the body brings the family some conclusion.

In June 2022, Houston police associated 28-year-old Chukwuebuka Nwobodo with being behind Felicia’s homicide. The police thought him after they said that his inquiry history looked somewhat dubious.

According to Regulation and Wrongdoing, his hunts included “most forested piece of Houston,” “How fades blood?” and “how to kill without getting found out.”

“The report was made after her cell, shrouded in blood, was found off the street in Bear River Trailblazers Park close to Thruway 6 and Mud Street. Further examination uncovered Johnson left the lodging in a vehicle in the early morning hours on April 16.”

They additionally shared that there was proof that he killed her in his loft and disposed of the body inside the following couple of days. He apparently discarded her own effects in Houston’s Bear Rivulet Trailblazers Park.

While talking with the distribution, Judge Wayne L. Mack, Region 1 Equity of the Harmony shared that “segments” of Felicia Johnson’s upper middle were found.

No authority cause or way of not entirely set in stone at the hour of composing this story, yet specialists accept that the demise is a murder.

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