What Happened With Danniella Westbrook Face And Nose? Fans Are Curious About Her Peculiar Expressions


Everyone is yearning to know what happened with the actress Danniella Westbrook’s face and nose. Also, learn more about her cosmetic surgery details. 

Danniella Westbrook is an established English actress and TV star. She is acclaimed for portraying Sam Mitchell in the BBC soap opera, Eastenders.

Westbrook loved horse riding and glamour since childhood. At age 7, she began her career as a child model and then progressed into acting.

Danniella also joined the Sylvia Young Theatre School to excel in her acting skills. She first appeared onscreen from the famous soap opera, Eastenders.

Other than that, Westbrook has appeared in Frank Stubbs, Queen: Greatest Video Hits 2, Hollyoaks, Essex Vendetta, Mob Handed, and The Middle Man.

Danniella is also an author as she has penned The Other Side of Nowhere and Faith, Hope and Clarity.

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What Happened With Danniella Westbrook’s Face And Nose? Details On Her Cocaine And Drug Case

Who Is Danniella Westbrook’s Boyfriend Or Partner Now?

What Is Danniella Westbrook Age?

Danniella Westbrook On Instagram

What Happened With Danniella Westbrook’s Face And Nose? Details On Her Cocaine And Drug Case

Actress Danniella Westbrook’s facial bones and nasal septum crumbled due to extreme cocaine use.

She first tried drugs at a nightclub when she was 14 years old. However, her usage escalated after winning a role in the soap opera, Eastenders.

By the 1990s and early 2000s, Danniella was a hardcore cocaine addict. She tried to get sober but she relapsed again and her drug case was all over the press and media.

Westbrook went on rehab and has managed to be sober since 2007. She had her own struggles since she relapsed in 2017, 2019 as well as 2021.

Daniella’s image and health were tarnished because of the cocaine abuse. She suffered from the complete erosion of the nasal septum and rotting of her jaw.

Prior to that, the TV star had a car accident in 1998. She sustained several facial injuries and a dislocated eye but she did not face major disfigurement.

Westbrook lost her confidence because of the crumbling of her facial bones. That is why she has undergone various surgeries to rebuild her face and nose.

As per Mirror Co UK, Daniella has used Botox and fillers in her face. Moreover, she has also performed a nose rebuilding operation.

Who Is Danniella Westbrook’s Boyfriend Or Partner Now?

Danniella Westbrook rumored new boyfriend is Matthew Postlethwaite as reported by the Daily Mail.

Matthew, aged 30, is an award-winning actor from England. He is noted for his presence in Peaky Blinders, The Great Artist, and so on.

Previously, Westbrook dated Alan Thomason, Dominico, Brian Harvey, and Robert Fernandez. Likewise, she was married to Ben Morgan and Kevin Jenkins.

Westbrook has delivered two amazing children into this world.

She welcomed a son named Kai Jenkins with Robert Fernandez and a daughter named Jodie B. Jenkins with Kevin Jenkins.

What Is Danniella Westbrook Age?

Danniella Westbrook is aged 48 years old as she was born in 1973.

Being a Scorpio, she celebrates her birthday on the 5th of November. She hails from Walthamstow and has English nationality.

Westbrook was born to property developer parents, Andy and Sue. Formerly, her father was a cab driver, contractor and her mother was a shop assistant.

Similarly, Danniella has two siblings, Jay (biological) and Justin (half-brother).

Danniella Westbrook On Instagram

Eastenders Danniella Westbrook is available on Instagram as @danniellawestbrook_73.

She had acquired over 81.8K followers and she posts her glamorous pictures on her account. As per her bio, she is a mum, actor, presenter, and author.

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