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What Illness Does Sally Bretton Have? Death In Paradise Actress’s Health Update In 2022

Sally Bretton, does she have cancer? Many people have expressed interest in this question. 

Sally Bretton is a well-known actress from the UK. She is best known for playing Lucy Adams in the popular BBC sitcom Not Going Out, which has been on air since 2007, and Martha Lloyd in the BBC1 mystery thriller Death in Paradise, which aired from 2015 to 2017.

Moreover, she has appeared in the TV show Green Wing, The Office, and Absolute Power. She performed as Goneril in Shakespeare’s King Lear at the Shakespeare Globe in 2008. In addition, she played Lucy in more than 81 episodes of the program. 

What Illness Does Sally Bretton Have? Is She Suffering From Cancer?

Sally Bretten, 45, hasn’t said anything online about her illness or condition. She is speculated to be fighting cancer, however, she has never publicly disclosed this. Most likely, Sally is fine, healthy, and living.

Moreover, she has not been the subject of any tabloid tales as of yet. Throughout her career, Sally has made appearances in about 41 movies and television shows. Among her notable works is Death in Paradise (2016–2017), The Office (2001), Green King (2004–2006), Outlaw (2007), Nepolean and Josephine: A Love Story (1987), and others.


Actress Sally Bretton, often referred to as Sally Davis, was born in England on April 23, 1980. She has portrayed Lucy Adams in the sitcom Not Going Out since 2007 and Martha Lloyd in the BBC1 murder mystery Death in Paradise from 2015 to 2017.

While teaching at Top Hat Stage and Screen School, Bretton pursued his acting education at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Sally Davis took Bretton’s stage name since she was already a part of Equity, the actors’ union.

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Sally Bretton Health Condition Update

Sally Bretton is healthy, as was previously reported. According to our investigation, Shally is content and in great shape. Because no confirmed information is accessible in the public domain, we were unable to discover more about her condition. Sally’s cancer diagnosis is therefore remains a mystery.


Lee is a devoted husband of Sally and a working photographer. Along with her boyfriend and kids, she resides close to Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Little is currently known about Lee. Both Lee and Sally are reserved people who like to avoid the spotlight.

She received excellent acting instruction at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Sally was born and reared in the British county of Hertfordshire. She became a British citizen as a consequence. She is also of Caucasian descent.

Explore Sally Bretton’s Net Worth As Of 2022

Actress Sally Bretton is difficult to deal with. There is no doubt that she has a million-dollar net worth. Her actual yearly income is regrettably still a closely kept secret.

Sally leads a lavish lifestyle, giving the impression that he is a multimillionaire. Sally is a respectable 5 feet 4 inches tall, as seen by her body. She has a slim build. If you’re interested in learning more about Sally, there are a number of fan pages on Instagram, but no official account.

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