What is Farrah Abraham’s daughter’s age? Teen Mom star responds to backlash over divisive lip piercings


Youngster Mother alum Farrah Abraham guarded her choice to help her girl Sophia in getting new face piercings on her fourteenth birthday celebration. In an Instagram video on Tuesday, February 28, Abraham tended to the reaction over her girl’s lip and ear piercings and said:

In a different meeting with TMZ, the My Young Dream Finished creator expressed that she is glad that her little girl isn’t trying different things with medications, liquor, and s*x.

Abraham referenced that she hopes everything would turn great for her little girl and believes her should be blissful, regardless of whether she needs to consent to her lip piercings. While a few guardians are pummeling Abraham for her girl’s piercings, the High schooler Mother alum said that she ensured proficient piercers were involved.

She further referenced that individuals ought to favor dealing with their kids on the grounds that a large portion of them at her girl’s age are “now drinking, exploring different avenues regarding medications, dating, and having s*x.” Abraham added that these things are more perilous than a penetrating.

On February 23, Farrah Abraham posted a video on TikTok and Instagram highlighting her little girl Sophia where she got six facial piercings on her fourteenth birthday celebration. The subtitle of the post expressed:

A few netizens could have done without that she was supporting her little girl with piercings, yet while addressing InTouch Week after week on February 23, she said that she would have rather not humiliated her little girl. Abraham expressed that she loves and supports her girl and has full help for anything she desires to accomplish in her life. She added:

“The mother shamers ought to perceive that a few children will outgrow and what they [will not]. That is essential for a youngster venture as I don’t have my paunch button puncturing any longer.”
This isn’t whenever that Abraham first has been banged for supporting her little girl. Something comparable happened last year when Sophia got her septum pierced on her thirteenth birthday celebration.

Farrah addressed TMZ at that point and said that the ongoing age is unique and that she would favor her little girl get the puncturing by an expert as opposed to doing it without anyone’s help.

She said that her girl has not done anything unlawful and that she hopes everything would turn great for her in her youngster years, and it is fine assuming Sophia chooses to get more piercings.

Sophia Abraham is known for her appearances on each of the four times of High schooler Mother with Farrah Abraham. She was additionally highlighted in her mom’s music video for Blowin.

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