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Where is the money ? You Took 1.2 Million Dollars From World Bank. – UTV Lady Exposes Education Minister.(Watch Video)

Yaa Konama, an employee of United Television, has exposed the Education Minister, Dr. Osei Yaw Adutwum, for receiving 1,2 million United States Dollars without responsibility. She encouraged the Honorable Minister to prove her wrong if the Education Minister had, in fact, utilized the funds effectively.

“You obtained the funds from the World Bank. It was intended that you train teachers on digital marketing utilizing electronic library resources. Occasionally, you inform us that the funds are in your official account. Other times you falsely claim to have organized the training. In the meantime, you’ve already lied to the World Bank by writing that you’ve completed your training.” Yaa Konama exposed herself on live television.

“You should have utilized yesterday’s news conference to address this 1,2 million dollars from the World Bank, but you did not. I continue to challenge you to clarify if my explanation is false “Yaa Konama dismissed.

Watch video;

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