Who Has Kim Kardashian Dated: A List Of Her Ex-Boyfriends And Husbands


Kim Kardashian is as of now dating entertainer and humorist Pete Davidson. Before their relationship, she was hitched to rapper Kanye West (2014-2022), Kris Humphries (2011 – 2013), and Damon Thomas (2000 – 2004). She has likewise dated numerous different men, including TJ Jackson (1995 – 1999), Joey Lawrence (1999), Beam J (2003 – 2006), Nick Lachey (2006), Nick Cannon (2006 – 2007), Reggie Shrub (2007 – 2010), Miles Austin (2010), and Gabriel Aubry (2010).

The second-most established posterity in the Kardashian family, Kim Kardashian, and her sisters have scarcely concealed any piece of their own lives from the media which can be credited for their prominence in the US and the world overall. Accordingly, the men Kim Kardashian dated have forever been important to many.

For more than 10 years, the American TV character and her whole family carried on with their lives on television by means of the unscripted TV drama Staying aware of The Kardashians with Kim earning the most media inclusion because of fluctuating reasons a large portion of which can be credited to her looks.

Apparently the sovereign (prettiest) of the Kardashian-Jenner faction, Kim has stood out as truly newsworthy for quite a long time as a result of her impeccably ensembled body – a large portion of which she obtained by undergoing surgery. We in a real sense watched her body develop into what it is today and keeping in mind that some diss her for it, she does has a large number of fans who are well stricken by her.

Very much like her body, Kim has been in a few connections in the past that hoarded titles for both the good and bad reasons. She doesn’t appear to have a specific spec in the profession of her men as she has dated competitors, performers, entertainers, and any semblance of them yet everything being equal, one closeness her at various times sweethearts share is that they have the guap.

We should go on an outing through a world of fond memories to the ones who Kim Kardashian dated previously and where her heart is right now.

Kim’s Relationship History As soon as age 19, the Kardashian magnificence was at that point pressing on weighty media inclusion for her affection life. Despite the way that a portion of her connections endured a couple of months or even weeks, some had the option to go the distance for a couple of years. Here is a rundown of the men Kim Kardashian dated.

1. TJ Jackson (1995 – 1999) Kim was around 15 when the two dated and this was way back before the spotlight laid on the unscripted television star. Subsequently, their relationship didn’t get a lot of media consideration.

2. Joey Lawrence (1999) Very much like the first, the relationship caused no disturbances in Kim’s day to day existence and it clearly finished before it even began however he was among the men Kim Kardashian dated.

3. Beam J (2003 – 2006) Maybe the principal pitched relationship Kim went into, they met while she was functioning as a beautician to Beam’s sister, Cognac. Their relationship was a hit or miss one yet had opportunity and willpower to make a sex tape which later spilled. Kim’s distinction has been credited to the break.

4. Nick Lachey (2006) In spite of Kim’s important love for people of color, she was sincerely connected to the American entertainer and however it was shortlived, paparazzi tried to catch a couple of extraordinary minutes. Lachey was among the ones who blamed the unscripted TV drama diva for riding on the rush of his big name status in a bid to track down distinction.

5. Nick Gun (2006 – 2007) Everything being equal, the vocalist and entertainer think Kim is an incredible individual however he needed to let her go on the grounds that she deceived him. As he uncovered on The Howard Harsh Show in 2012, Kim denied truly making a sex tape when he asked her. Spoiler: the tape with Beam J was delivered, prompting their split in February 2007. Nick went similarly as deriving she spilled it purposefully to soar her media fame.

6. Reggie Bramble (2007 – 2010) They were a wonderful pair and shown up on Staying aware of the Kardashians when the show was simply starting off. Sadly, their romantic tale couldn’t endure the media pressure that tormented it. Kim and the previous NFL star split in 2010.

7. Miles Austin (2010) After Reggie, Kim Kardashian dated another NFL star. The relationship what began at a time Kim was in the middle of shooting her unscripted TV drama combined with Miles’ football season before long flamed out. Pin it on the distance between them.

8. Gabriel Aubry (2010) Kim Kardashian dated Halle Berry’s ex momentarily prior to going into her subsequent marriage. Clearly, Halle grimaced at Gabriel’s decision for her substitution and that drove the issue to an accident.

9. Pete Davidson (2021 – Present) Following her detachment from her third spouse, rapper Kanye West, in 2021, Kim Kardashian began dating entertainer and comic Pete Davidson in November of that very year and they seem, by all accounts, to be partaking in all of their coexistence.



pete davidson (@petedavidson.93)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

The Men Kim Has Hitched While Kim Kardashian dated a few men previously, she has had a sample of marriage with three of them and is as yet getting a charge out of conjugal happiness with one. Quite, she turned into somebody’s better half when she was as yet a young person and in evident Kim-style, the association finished quickly.

Damon Thomas (2000 – 2004) She was only 19 when she stole away with the music maker to Las Vegas where they got hitched to the disappointment of her loved ones.

Later in 2003, after Thomas petitioned for legal separation, Kim was at that point dating Beam J before the separation was settled.

She pinned her bombed marriage on physical and psychological mistreatment with respect to her ex. Kris Humphries (2011 – 2013) This was one more questionable relationship for Kim who was blamed for wedding Kris for cash and distinction. She got drawn in to the NBA star in May 2011 subsequent to dating for some time. Their wedding service occurred on August 20, 2011, in Montecito, California, yet the marriage went on for only 72 days. Named an exposure stunt by many sources, Kim’s second bombed marriage was accused on a few beyond reconciliation contrasts.

Kanye West (2014 – 2022) Not prepared to loll in her bombed romantic tale with Kris for a really long time, Kim began dating rapper Kanye West in April 2012.

After her separation from Kris was finished up on June 3, 2013, Kanye drew in Kim on October 23. Wearing a wedding dress planned by Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy, Kim strolled down the passageway on her tasteful wedding (the third) day on May 24, 2014. The impressive occasion occurred at Stronghold di Belvedere in Florence, Italy.

No matter what the distraught media presence in their relationship and the way that Kim once felt she was sad in finding love, the online entertainment dear appeared to have found her knight in sparkling covering until news broke out in January 2021 that the couple was talking about separate.

Consistent with the report, Kim petitioned for the disintegration of their marriage on February 19, 2021. After one year, their separation was settled, unequivocally on Walk 2, 2022.

Different Hookups Beside the previous, there were short excursions and supposed undertakings about the men Kim Kardashian dated.

She was attempted to have dated football extraordinary Cristiano Ronaldo after they were seen together in Madrid. She has likewise been sincerely connected to Michael Copon, Shengo Deane, Alecko Eskandarian, Game, 50 Penny, Evan Ross, Shad Greenery, Marques Houston, and Brandon Jenner, among others.

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