Who Is Kamiri Gaulden, NBA YoungBoy’s Son?


Kamiri Gaulden (born sixth July 2017; age: 5) is the third kid and child of NBA YoungBoy, the American rapper. Kamiri Gaulden’s mom is Starr Dejanee, a previous fire of Youngboy’s.

Kamiri’s dad is well known for his endeavors and accomplishments in the music business. He has likewise become scandalous for the rate at which he reproduces, inviting a sum of nine youngsters over the course of about six years. This has projected the focus on him as well as his posterity, among whom is Kamiri. Find more about the superstar youngster here.

NBA YoungBoy’s Child, Kamiri Gaulden, Was Born in 2017 Kamiri Gaulden was born in 2017, explicitly on the sixth day of July 2017. He is 5 years of age.

His identity is American while his nationality is African American. Kamiri Gaulden is the child of NBA YoungBoy, the well known American rapper.

YoungBoy’s genuine name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, and he was born in Rod Rouge, Louisiana, which is probable Kamiri’s origin also.

YoungBoy started making music as a 14-year-old in 2013. It required an investment for his music to take off, yet he continued to deliver a large number of mixtape and collected a clique following.

He then, at that point, acquired public acclaim with his 2018 single, Outside Today, which outlined on the Bulletin Hot 100.

From that point forward, NBA YoungBoy has simply kept on developing much more popular and rich. He has dropped smash hit collections, which have proceeded to top the board 200.

He has gotten grants and sold various records. The main scourge to his name is his incessant issues with the law, which has seen him imprisoned at least a few times.

Kamiri Gaulden’s Mom is Starr Dejanee, a Money manager Kamiri Gaulden’s mother is Starr Dejanee, genuine name Starr Thinpeg, a money manager.

Starr is a local of Implement Rouge, very much like NBA YoungBoy. She was born at some point in the last part of the 90s, similar to him also. Starr hails from a group of nine.

Her mom is the late Tanya Lamelle Joshua-Thigpen, who died in 2021. Her dad is as yet alive, and he goes by Larry Thigpen Sr. Starr has six kin, in particular Marlon Rodgers, Marshaletta Wheeler, Larry Thigpen Jr., Robert Thigpen, Tianna Joshua, and Imani Thigpen. She experienced childhood in Cudgel Rouge and is accepted to have finished a healthy degree of schooling.

She is presently a finance manager and is the enrolled specialist of a Louisiana-based business known as Starr Quality Expansions LLC. From all signs, they bargain in hair expansions for ladies.

Kamiri Gaulden’s Folks Had a Fierce Sentiment What Began in 2016 Kamiri’s folks, NBA YoungBoy and Starr Dejanee, were rarely hitched. They, notwithstanding, had a relationship that crossed from 2016 to 2019. It was during this period that they invited Kamiri. His introduction to the world was a thing of satisfaction for them both, and they made plans to give a decent life to him.

Nonetheless, regardless of the delight that Kamiri’s introduction to the world brought his folks, it couldn’t hide the faults in their relationship. They had a tempestuous sentiment and frequently got down on one another via virtual entertainment. They additionally blamed each other for different bad behaviors, including paternity extortion.

They Were Once Captured for Battling Lodging Staff in 2019 While Kamiri Gaulden carries on with his life out of the spotlight, his folks are immovably in it and have stood out as truly newsworthy periodically, now and again for some unacceptable reasons. Back in February 2019, the couple was captured at a Cudgel Rouge lodging named Hyatt House following a squabble with staff.

Specialists claimed that NBA YoungBoy urged Starr to smack housekeeping staff upside the head, and the situation later disintegrated into a battle.

The couple was captured and their mug shots turned into a web sensation. They were subsequently accused of offenses, for example, confused lead and ownership of under an ounce of cannabis.

The violations were misdeeds, thus they had the option to get off without extreme discipline from the law. The entire episode, be that as it may, cast a terrible light on them both, particularly YoungBoy, who has generally disliked the law. The situation almost prompted the denial of the trial sentence he was serving for another offense.

The Couple Headed out in different directions in 2019 and Kamiri Currently Lives With His Mother Given the violent idea of their sentiment, clearly NBA YoungBoy and Starr Dejanee were never going to keep going the long stretch, and they split forever in 2019. Kamiri presently lives with his mom in Rod Rouge, while his dad keeps a functioning presence in his life.

Considering that Kamiri is by and by 5 years of age, he will be in kindergarten. He will have a decent life as the issue of money doesn’t appear to be a significant issue between his folks.

Kamiri is growing up out of the spotlight yet he shows up on his dad’s Instagram page. His mom’s virtual entertainment movement is, in any case, restricted, implying that her adherents may not get to see him frequently. While this is a misfortune for the general population, it is an or more for the little fellow as it permits him to develop like a typical youngster.

Kamiri Gaulden Has a Sum of Nine Kin On the off chance that having different kin is a brilliant method for growing up, Kamiri Gaulden got lucky.

The little fellow has various half-kin civility of his dad. He likewise has one half-kin civility of his mom. On his fatherly side, the half-kin that Kamiri Gaulden has start with Kayden.

Kayden was born in July 2016 and is the child of NBA YoungBoy and a model named Nisha. Kayden is a year more established than Kamiri.

Another kin that Kamiri has is Taylin who was born in Walk 2017 and is around 90 days more established than Kamiri. His mom is named Tia. Kamiri likewise has a more youthful relative named Kacey. He was born in 2019 by NBA YoungBoy’s ex, a virtual entertainment character named Jania. Kamiri is two years more seasoned than Kacey.

Kamiri has a more youthful relative named Armani. Her mom is Nisha, and she was born in 2020, implying that he is three years more seasoned than her.

The equivalent goes for his more youthful relative named Kodi who was born in November 2020, and her mom’s name is Drea Symone.

Other half-kin that Kamiri has incorporate Kentrell Jr (2021), Alice (2021), and Klemenza Tru (2022). Kamiri Gaulden likewise has a senior maternal relative named Kamron, who was born in 2016. They share a similar mother however have different natural dads. Kamiri’s father has, be that as it may, embraced Kamron and really focuses on him like his own.

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