Who is Karin Cain? Woman’s involvement with James Toliver Craig comes to light amid murder investigation


A Colorado dental specialist, 45-year-old James Toliver Craig, was captured on Sunday, Walk 19, 2023, for supposedly killing his 43-year-old spouse Angela Craig.

Over the span of the examination, specialists uncovered that before the homicide James had traded private messages with Karin Cain, an orthodontist situated in Marble Falls.

As indicated by The Watchman, Angela Craig was confessed to the clinic on Wednesday, Walk 15, 2023, after she griped about feeling bleary eyed. Soon after she was hospitalized, Angela was pronounced dead, and specialists started associating James Toliver Craig with lethally harming his better half. They accepted that he did as such by adding arsenic and potassium cyanides to her pre-exercise shakes.

Emergency clinic workers noticed that while his significant other was being treated at the clinic, James Toliver Craig was observably missing, prompting doubts about his goals. Specialists later found that Craig had purchased Karin Cain flight passes to invest energy with her while his better half was ailing. Authorities accept that the undertaking might be an essential rationale behind Angela Craig’s homicide.

As per Meaww, Karin Cain is a 49-year-old orthodontist who moved on from the Houston Orthodontic Program at the College of Texas. Her authority site, Cain Orthodontics expressed that she has two grown-up youngsters.

Purportedly, she is in a separation from her significant other Jason and her legal documents have shown that the two isolated in January 2023.

In a sworn statement, Aurora police revealed that James Toliver Craig appeared to be apathetic regarding his significant other’s affliction. All things being equal, he was more centered around flying down Karin Cain to invest more energy with him in Denver.

The oath expressed that it appeared as though James was flying Cain into Denver while his better half and the mother of his youngsters was kicking the bucket in the emergency clinic.

While Karin Cain declined to remark on the idea of her relationship with James, specialists found a personal email that she had shipped off the last option. The email likewise had Cain communicating worry about Angela Craig’s wellbeing.

FYI: I’ll be starting a podcast tomorrow – Wednesday, March 22, 2023 on #Aurora dentist Dr. James (Jim) Craig (my longtime dentist) and the murder of his wife Angela Craig.
Stay tuned.#AuroraDentist#JamesCraig #DentistPoisoning
.@AuroraPD .@ArapahoeSO pic.twitter.com/h4gDVXUs6O

“Hey honey, I am so upset for what has happened for the current week in your reality. I’m sorry II am not piece of your reality to be of more assistance to you, and on second thought, I’m pulling you away. This is so difficult, I need to be and give my very best for help and support you, and I would rather not add to what has turned into an unquestionably troublesome time.”

Authorities noticed that Karin Cain isn’t right now being treated as a suspect in the homicide. As per the New York Post, the suspect’s union with the casualty was disturbed, and he had been blamed for having numerous illicit relationships previously.

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