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You Don’t Always Have To Shoot, Just Hug, Shake And Smile- A Plus Talks About Dampare And His Boys

Students, locals, and parents of Islamic High School in the Ashanti Region of Ghana had a terrible day yesterday. Students protesting to make things right were severely punished by the local police force.
Several pupils were transported to hospitals after being shot by police or exposed to tear gas while protesting frequent road accidents in front of their school.
Dr. George Akufo Dampare, Inspector General of the Ghana Police Service, announced that he will travel to the school to guarantee that calm is restored in the city. Moreover, the video circulating on social media demonstrates unequivocally that Dampare is a genuine leader endowed with all positive attributes.

Kwame Asare Obeng, commonly known as A Plus, praised the Inspector General of Police on Facebook for his management of such difficult situations in the country, despite the fact that his sons had embarrassed him.

A Plus in w is the best way to describe what occurred in the video with the Inspector General of Police and the school children, he remarked “You are not always required to shoot. Occasionally, you must embrace, shake hands, and grin.”

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