After 6 Years Of Dating, Lady Lies To Boyfriend About Traveling To Abroad To Marry Another Man At Ashongman Estate


A terrible incident that has surfaced online demonstrates a new degree of female evil.

Nana Ama Osei Kufuor posted the following on her Facebook page: “I just observed my male buddy (Sylvanus B.) update his WhatsApp status with a woman whose engagement I attended yesterday at Ashongman Estates with my mother.

And the caption said, “I’m already missing you, but I know you’re studying hard so that our future children can have a Finnish-trained biochemist.”

The lady obtained a scholarship to study in Germany, and she left Ghana three (2) weeks ago to prepare for her departure on Wednesday. When I asked him about his fiancee, he stated that they have been dating for six years (29th July, 2022). Therefore, he has not heard from her as she has not yet settled in Germany.

“Currently, they simply exchange emails and WhatsApp chats.

“I was astonished and sent him a photo of myself with the woman. I questioned him if he was referring to Suzzy O. Agye, and he affirmed she was the correct individual.

“I ended the phone and pulsed for 18 minutes while he called three times, but I did not answer.

“I explained everything to my mother, who then called her friend (the married woman’s mother), who had the audacity to affirm that she was aware of her daughter’s relationship with my buddy Sylvanus, but that she would not allow him to marry her daughter because Sylvanus was a TEACHER.

“My mother asked this woman if this was not the man who cared for her daughter at university and assisted her in finding a job.

“She said yes, but he slept with her before they were married.
My mum merely said “Ayeeko ” and hanged up.

“She turned to me and requested that I call Sylvanus, while my mother addressed Sylvanus as a mother.

“Deep within me, I know Sylvanus is upset since I met this man at Hohoe in Volta Region with my Ex and he helped us change our tyre at 11pm on the Hohoe – Golokwati stretch while giving us motor escort to Obama Guest House in Hohoe.

“Sylvanus was such a nice person, and he kept talking about his fiancée while advising me to reconcile with my ex and work out our differences.

“This is the guy who placed a container in Ashaiman Newtown for the so-called fiancee’s mother. Suzzy’s securing a job as a GRA was greatly aided by Sylvanus’s mother.

Currently, they are conducting business at the Ashongman estate, but in the past they were busy in Ashaiman.

Some individuals are heartless and dangerous to those with good hearts.

Only God could explain the way my heart is heating up here.

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