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Another Serious Murder Case Hits Nkoranza(Find Out)

Another heinous and tragic murder in the Bono Region of Ghana’s Nkoranza. The issue was reportedly reported to the Ghana Police Service by the Honorable Daniel Owiredu, the Municipal Chief Executive, after he was aware about it.

According to reports, Robert Ayambire, 60 years old, murdered his wife. According to the claims, the guy used a cutlass to slaughter his wife till she died.
Robert Ayambire reportedly fled into the bushes after the murder. As soon as he was aware of the tragic scenario, the Municipal Chief Executive immediately notified the police. A search crew was immediately dispatched to comb the bushes for Robert Ayambire.

Later, he was discovered and given the worst thrashing of his life. The search team turned the subject over to law enforcement for further investigation and prosecution. Robert Ayambire’s motivation for murdering his wife remains unknown. He will be brought before the court for arraignment.

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