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Don’t Make Noise Because You Couldn’t do It- Kevin Taylor Bursts Out

Kevin Taylor is exhibiting his typical response to broken systems in the United States. He believes the country is in a condition of devastation, but he also has some very significant points to make.

Kevin Taylor asserts that he is just like any other Ghanaian and is entitled to the same advantages.

In his submissions, he demonstrated that he had equal authority to criticize the terrible behavior and corrupt nature of the Nana Addo administration.

He claimed that Moses’s visit to this location is not the reason why the road in Cape Coast is divided in two.
Nana Addo and his ministers, however, wasted the funds he utilized on this on non-essentials, such as travel outside the country in costly planes.

When you see Mahama paving the way in his next administration, do not complain because you could not do the same. And if we give you a hundred years, Ghana will not change, he sneered at Nana Addo.

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