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Fingerprints Identified In JB Danquah’s Murder Trial.(Find out)

The trial and the matter have not been settled even though it has been six years since the alleged murder of J.B. Dankwah Adu, the late member of parliament for Abuakwa North.

An investigation conducted by Police Chief Inspector Daniel Nkrumah, who is an investigator, has revealed that the fingerprints that were taken from the home of the deceased J.B. Dankwah match those of Daniel Asiedu, who is the first accused person in the murder trial. The accusations have been thrown around for years.

The murder of the member of parliament in 2016 is shrouded in mystery, and it has been around six years since the investigation into his death began.

The recent discovery that Daniel Nkrumah’s fingerprints have been linked to the case is yet another indication that the Police Service is woefully under-resourced. This could have been done as soon as the fingerprints were picked up by the Police, but instead it demonstrates how slow the investigation has been.

Source: OperaNews

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