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Ghanaians Go After Asantehene After Reportedly Ordering The Shutdown Of Oyerepa FM

A considerable number of Ghanaians have pursued the Asantehene after he reportedly ordered the closure of Oyerepa Radio. It is thought that this occurred after Odike made admissions against the Ashanti chiefs. Recall that Odike criticized the Chiefs of Ashanti for engaging in galamsey practices, which have contributed to the destruction of the country’s land and water bodies.

As a result, Ghanaians attacked Asantehene with numerous responses and comments under Kevin Taylor’s response to the matter. The majority of comments express discontent with Asantehene’s decision to close Oyerepa radio station. The majority of remarks are critical of the Asantehene.
Listed below are some remarks and responses:
“It’s no wonder Ghana regresses. Only in the Ashanti region will this folly occur” “Do you think Otumfuo lacked the ability to control what occurs in the Ashanti region?”

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