Ghanaians rain Insults On Sammy Gyamfi And Other NDC Executives For Doing This.

Sammy Gyamfi, the National Democratic Congress’s communications director, and other party officials spent this morning in Francis Xavier Sosu’s Madina district.

As the NDC party elections and general elections approached, Francis Xavier Sosu was joined by other NDC executives, including Sammy Gyamfi, to address the NDC party executives in the Madina constituency.
Sammy Gyamfi pushed them to exert a great deal of effort since the party was engaged in a big fight that could only be won through the diligence of branch leaders. He continued by stating that John Mahama is unquestionably the NDC leader who can win the presidency, and he urged all of the executives to support him in this effort.

However, the majority of Ghanaians were upset with the acts of the NDC officials, including Sammy Gyamfi, and they demonstrated their displeasure by hurling insults at them, with many directed especially at Sammy Gyamfi.

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