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Go And Arrest Them; Johnnie Hughes to Ghana Police

Following the Arise Ghana march, the host of the New Day program, Johnnie Hughes, addressed a clear message to the Ghana Police. This morning on Johnnie’s Bite, Johnnie Hughes highlighted that the Ghana Police service should make sure to arrest police officers who violate their own rules. He explained this and disclosed that some protesting police officers threw stones at the crowd. He stated that the Ghana Police Service had paid persons to be among the protestors in order to instigate confrontation with the police service.

“That is fair. Nonetheless, you can see the officer who also confiscated and smashed the man’s camera. You observe the officer in the armored truck aiming with whatever he was holding. I expect the Ghana Police to adhere to the guiding principle and locate them. If they must be prevented, prevent them “he said.
Johnnie Hughes displayed a photograph of a man he suspected was paid by the Ghana Police Service to start generating trouble at the protest grounds.
Johnnie Hughes consequently urges the Ghana Police Service to take action and arrest the police officers.

This follows the arrest of 29 individuals by the Ghana Police Service for violent behavior towards Ghana Police officers.

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