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I bought the two Tigers to boost tourism in Ghana- Freedom Jacob Caesar

Nana Kwame Bediako, also known as Freedom Jacob Caesar, a business magnate, has acknowledged to having two tigers in his home. He claims to have had the two tigers for the past six months.

Some inhabitants of Wonder World Estates, Avenue Lincoln near the British High Commission at Ridge in Accra, were concerned about the presence of the two tigers on the property.

A portion of the public utilized social media to bring the Ghana Police Service’s attention to the illegal nature of the situation.

In response, Freedom Jacob Caesar stated that he followed the correct procedure in bringing the animals to Ghana in order to enhance tourism.

“To begin with, you are correct; I purchased two tigers in an auction between Ghana and Dubai. I was the business sector representative who launched my interest in acquiring these two animals. However, we did go through the process, and the animals are now seven months old and still very young.”

He stated that he purchased the animals with the purpose of making Ghana one of the first nations on the majority of the African continent to possess them.

“I went in to purchase these animals in order to increase the value of tourism in our nation. I desired to enter the Safari World by ensuring that Ghana is the first country in West Africa, East Africa, and Central Africa, with the exception of South Africa, to have these creatures.

“We desired to be the first to have it, so I purchased both the male and female versions.” They have been in my possession for six months. In an interview with the media, the business magnate stated, “I brought in outside specialists to design a safety cage for these creatures so that they do not become a public hazard.”

He stated that he is collaborating with the Forestry Commission to establish a zoo in Accra, the nation’s capital.

The Ghana Police Service stated in a statement that it is collaborating with the Forestry Commission’s Wildlife Division to relocate the two tigers from the estate.

The Forestry Commission’s Wildlife Division has been contacted, and attempts are underway to transport the animals to an appropriate facility, according to police.

In addition, while efforts are being made to relocate the animals, a special police squad will be sent to secure the safety of residents in the area until the animals are relocated.

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