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I Did Not Take $40,000.00 To Do What I’m Doing On TV3 – Johnnie Serves Strong Notice

Today’s episode of Johnnie’s Bite on TV3 once again targeted Ghanaians who have retired but are still working and requesting an extension. Johnnie Hughes reported on this morning’s episode of Johnnie’s Bite that he is being accused of stealing $40,000 by a few individuals. According to these allegations, Johnnie Hughes has collected approximately $40,000 from a group of individuals in order to reveal all still-employed retirees. According to Johnnie Hughes, he has not taken any money from anyone to perform what he is doing. He made it plain that God would punish him if he had truly taken such a sum of money.
Tomorrow, I shall begin anew. I shall list the names of everyone who received a contract renewal from President Akufo Addo, including those of you who lobbied and sent your chiefs to beg. You will be mentioned. I will list those in the private sector who are also obstructing youngsters. Because this country’s youth must be able to survive, provide for themselves, and care for their inheritance.”

“Let me say this to conclude. If a someone claims to have given me $40,000, I sign them over to God. I surrender it to God. If I have accumulated $40,000 truly, if I cross the road, may I die. “May you perish with blood in your mouth if you claim to have collected when you have not.”

Today is Johnnie Hughes’s birthday, and he has once again opted to target retirees who have not yet left office. On today’s episode, he made it plain that he has their films, photographs, and documents in order to expose them. Aside from that, he pledged to expose private companies employing retired individuals. Johnnie Hughes argues that if these retirees leave the country, there will be many job openings.

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