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Important Message for All Bank Users

Since the Bank of Ghana issued a directive requiring all banks and other financial service providers to use the National Identification Authority’s (NIA) Card as the only valid identification for financial transactions, there are numerous individuals whose information has not been updated or who are unaware of the directive.

However, the deadline for updating your bank ID to the NIA card is rapidly approaching. The NIA card will be the exclusive form of identification for all financial transactions beginning of 1 July 2022.
The Ghana Association of Banks and different individual banks have begun sending account holders reminders to update their information prior to July 1, 2022.

Those who are required to open new bank accounts under the new rule must utilize the NIA card as the only acceptable form of identification.

You are prompted to visit your bank in order to update your information;
According to the Bank of Ghana, the initiative is in furtherance of its goal to ensure the safety of the financial system. Bank of Ghana, pursuant to Regulation 7 of the National Identity Register, 2012 (L.I. 2111), hereby directs that as of 1st July, 2022, the Ghana Card shall be the only identification card required to conduct transactions at all Bank of Ghana-licensed and -regulated financial institutions.
The Ghana Association of Banks and other Banks have sent the following reminders.

Aside from banks, the relevant institutions include specialised deposit-taking institutions, non-Deposit-Taking financial institutions, payment service providers, and dedicated electronic money issuers; forex bureaus and credit reference bureaus will also use the NIA Card as their only form of identification for financial transactions beginning on 1 July 2022.

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