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Is She Really Looking For A Date? – Heavily Endowed Lady On Date Rush

A beautiful lady appears on TV3’s Date Rush has made a stir on the Internet. Looking at this woman’s figure, she has everything a man could want: large breasts and a magnificently large rear end. The woman is extremely lovely and voluptuous. As is widely known, the majority of Ghanaians prefer well-endowed women to slender lady.

As a result, numerous Ghanaians questioned if she was genuinely seeking a romantic partner or simply promoting herself. Some Ghanaians, after seeing her on the show, stated that it is impossible for this woman to convince them that she does not have a boyfriend.

If there is no partner in her life, she engages in the hookup industry and was there to promote herself so that people would recognize her. Others remarked that this lady is merely searching for popularity on the Date Rush show and not love.

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