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“It’s Painful; My Backside Is Hurting Me” – Lady Undergoing Butt Enlargement Cries Out For Help.

A young woman between the ages of 20 and 30 was captured on camera receiving butt augmentation surgery, and many social media users were unable to remain silent after discovering this. This woman is seen in the video informing the physicians that the back pain she is experiencing is unbearable. As many individuals are aware, there are numerous varieties of butt enlargement, some of which are so harmful that they can cause cancer and other disorders.

It is unclear what type of butt augmentation this woman received, but it is evident that tubes have been attached to her buttocks. Some individuals claim that implants cause butt enlargement. This lady’s pals were overheard speaking on camera “We cautioned you against butt enlargement, but you disregarded our advice. Look at you now “. The woman undergoing surgery remarked to her pals, “It is excruciating; my derriere hurts so terribly.”

In the footage, the women were also heard informing the physicians, “Her posterior is not rising. What type of butt expansion is this? “. Meanwhile, their companion continued to moan about how much her derriere hurts.


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