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Meet the African American who improved the design of the Fire Extinguisher

Patented on March 26, 1872, T.J. Marshall is credited with developing the design of the fire extinguisher. He created a method that pumps water through building pipes to individual sprinkler heads. The system can be manually activated by turning a valve within the structure.

Since 1874, Marshall’s fire-extinguishing sprinkler system has been utilized in the United States. It was frequently utilized in large enterprises as an effective method for extinguishing large, potentially catastrophic fires. In the United States, sprinkler systems are now mandated for structures taller than 75 feet.

In general, the systems are praised for the very modest amount of property damage they produce; they are significantly more effective than fire hoses at recovering property.

This type of technology can be activated in as little as four seconds. These devices can efficiently control a fire before the fire service arrives, resulting in flames that are significantly smaller and more controlled.

In some systems, heat sensors determine which sprinklers are activated, resulting in more precise water distribution and fewer cases of water damage overall. Some systems spray a mixture of water and fire-retardant foam from nozzles positioned in the ceilings of buildings.

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