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My Ex-Boyfriend Left Me Because His Friends Were Mocking Him That His Girlfriend Has Albinism — Lady

A woman with albinism described some of the difficulties she faced as a result of her disability. She disclosed that people with albinism feel ostracized and condemned. She said that others mock her and warn her she will die and develop cancer due to her condition, that males are just interested in her body, and that the public is ashamed of her.

As a young girl, she reported experiencing many sorts of bullying and harassment at the hands of her peers. According to her, her classmates at school would make fun of her disabilities and call her names.

Some classmates at her school predicted that she would not live long due to the fact that her albinism would induce cancer. Even at the college level, discrimination was prevalent. Since she admitted when asked about her previous relationships, Chizaram is a very sensitive person when it comes to relationship issues, as she does not want to do anything to hurt her feelings.

She stated In the past, she had a boyfriend, but he ended the relationship because his friends made fun of him for dating an albino woman.

She went on to explain that the majority of men who have showed interest in dating her do so solely to sample her body. She eventually admitted that living with albinism is difficult since people constantly view her as a curse and guys mistake her for a prostitute.

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