Overcome fear of NDC, NPP tag and speak to national issues- Frimpong Manso urges clergy


Rev. Prof. Paul Frimpong Manso, General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God Church in Ghana, has urged the clergy to speak up on national concerns despite the inevitable criticism.

On the weekend, following an induction service, he addressed the media and stated that despite the chance that men of God will be associated with the NDC and NPP, it is crucial that they muster the fortitude to speak up for the voiceless in society when things are not going well.

“Because they fear what people will say, oh he is NDC, he is NPP, and you will get these politicians speaking against us, when we speak they will say the pastors are saying too much, and when we don’t speak they will say the pastors aren’t speaking. “God has brought up ministers of the gospel to be the conscience of the nation; we are to speak for the voiceless,” Reverend Professor Paul Frimpong Manso

The revered Minister of God said, “Therefore, when a government in authority does something right, we should talk about it and tell them about their good actions; if the government in control does anything wrong, we should not remain silent; rather, we should tell the world what is wrong. In doing so, if people label us or give us names, it is none of their business. However, when God calls a leader, he gives him the opportunity and the courage to speak not only about religious issues, but also about Social and national issues. We will work with the government to propel the nation so that its citizens can live better lives.

Despite the fact that there are a number of men of God who occasionally voice their opinions on national matters regardless of the backlash, there are also those who refrain so as not to be pulled by political parties and their adherents.

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