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SIM re-registration App: You knew all along you were going to launch this, why make people suffer — Lydia Forson blasts Ursula

Lydia Forson, a Ghanaian actress and socialite, criticized Ursula Owusu, the Minister of Communications and Digitalisation, for enabling people to suffer despite knowing a relief plan exists.

She asserted that the Minister delayed the launch of the self-service app (for a price of 5 cedis) on purpose in order to aggravate the public and cause Ghanaians to suffer.

In a tweet noticed by Modernghana News on Monday, August 1st, she added that the Minister was aware of the deadline extension yet permitted Ghanaians to squander precious time in long lines.

“You waited until the last minute, watching people fear, despair, and become upset in huge lines, before announcing an extension you knew you were going to grant and a GH5 app that was already in development,” she wrote.

She continues, “No one can convince me that this wasn’t the plan all along.”

The Legal Counsel to the President, Mr. Kow Essuman, responded to her tweets by stating, “But making contingency plans doesn’t mean you don’t want your initial strategy to succeed. Having a plan B does not imply that you want plan A to fail.

However, Miss Lydia defended her claims by stating, “Kow, this is crazy!” I’m sorry, but there is simply nothing you can say to change my mind, NOTHING. To release this at the eleventh hour, playing on people’s desperation? In opposition, you would have displayed placards against it around the city.”

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