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Some Ghanaians bash Nana Addo over Meek Mill’s Flagstaff House video

Ghanaian President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo is currently under fire on social media over a music video made at the Government House by American rapper Meek Mill. Meek Mill, an American rapper who was in Ghana a few weeks ago for a performance, has published a music video for his new song, which has enraged several Ghanaians.

The music video was shot in Jubilee House, a security installation as well as the President of the country’s residence. Following the release of the video, netizens questioned why the government would allow the musician to film a music video at Flagstaff House while even Ghanaians struggle to gain access to the same location.

Watch the video below:

Check out some reactions below:

@BongoIdeas: “Meek Mill dems are not even rated in the US, but they come to Ghana and get treated like kings. The audacity for him to shoot a video in the Jubilee House shows how Addo D has cheapened the presidency. Our leaders are not just CLOWNS; they’re a LIABILITY to this country.”

@OleleSalvador: “Director of Diaspora Affairs & Minister of Interior, y’all really get questions answer for that Meek Mill video oooo.. how’s a drone being flown over the Jubilee house? As innnnnn???? You can’t even shoot a photo at the Independence Square & not get jumped at by ‘security’ Herh!”

@_Danielsackitey: “Meek Mill really shot a music video at Jubilee House?? This is the lowest point we can get as a country

What happened to “Jubilee House is a security zone”?? Even American Embassy in Ghana, you can’t take pictures and Ghana ?? allows Jubilee House to become studio.We are FINISH”

@PrempehNanayaa: “Is this the jubilee house ? Nana Addo and his family have reduced the image of Ghana to nothing. So because this guy is fucking the Akufo-ADDO’s daughter, all his wishes must be granted. Nana Addo must be impeached.”

@AnnanPerry: “The office of the president has been in disgrace since Akufo Addo became president. There’s no dignity again. Who is Meekmill to shoot a video at the jubilee house. Herh”

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