Top Journalist Announces That An NDC MP Has Been Arrested With Her Son


Kelvin Ekow Taylor, who is the host of the show “With All Due Respect,” has revealed some news regarding a prominent member of the minority National Democratic Congress caucus. He divulged the information that the Honorable Dorcas Affo-Tofey, who is the Member of Parliament for the Jomoro seat, has been arrested for no apparent cause.

“The member of parliament for the Jomoro seat and her son are being held prisoner at the Manet Police Station in Accra for no apparent cause at this time. The member of Parliament is being subjected to unwarranted harassment by the law enforcement agency. Even after she was taken into custody, they have not provided any explanation for why she was detained “, Kelvin Taylor came clean about it.

Kelvin Taylor went on to say that what is happening is a direct instruction from the Inspector General of Police, George Akuffo Dampare, and that this was further explained by Kelvin Taylor. And that George Dampare was carrying out his plans with the assistance of Superintendent Joshua Owusu, who was the commander in charge of that region.

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