Tunisia president fires 57 judges over corruption


The president of Tunisia has dismissed 57 judges, accusing them of corruption and terrorism protection, as part of a purge of the court as he strives to restructure the political system after solidifying his one-man rule.

President Kais Saied stated in a televised address on Wednesday that he has “provided the judiciary with numerous opportunities and warnings to purify itself.” A decree announcing the dismissals was issued in the official gazette hours later.

Youssef Bouzaker, the previous head of the Supreme Judicial Council, was among those dismissed as Saied took control of the judiciary this year.

Since the 2011 Tunisian revolution that introduced democracy, the council had served as the primary guarantor of judicial independence.

Saied’s modifications provoked charges that he was interfering with the judicial process.

Bachir Akremi, an eminent judge on the list of those dismissed, is accused by certain political activists of being too close to the Ennahda party and obstructing its prosecution.

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