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UG suspends Commonwealth Hall JCR Executives for 3 years each

The University of Ghana’s administration has suspended four former Commonwealth Hall Junior Common Room (JCR) Executives.

According to management, the students had “planned or enabled the organizing” of multiple meetings at the JCR of Commonwealth Hall which had provided a platform for the delivery and dissemination of “false, irresponsible and defamatory comments against senior officers of the institution”.

The Vice Chancellor’s office, the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic and Student Affairs), and the university as a whole are among the senior officers affected by these defamatory allegations.

“Following a complaint lodged against the affected students, the Disciplinary Board for Junior Members held a hearing and established a case of misconduct contrary to the University of Ghana Statutes 2011 (as amended) and the University of Ghana Regulations for Junior Members, 2017, against the former JCR Executives of the Commonwealth Hall,” read the statement announcing their suspension.

The Disciplinary Committee determined that the students’ behavior violated Statutes 42(1)(n) and (o) of the University of Ghana Statutes 2011 (as modified), as well as Regulations 7.11(c)(xiv) and (xv); and (f)(ii) and (iii) of the University of Ghana Regulations for Junior Members, 2017.

Thus, in accordance with Section 45(g) of the Statutes of the University of Ghana 2011 (as modified), the students were each given a three-year academic suspension from the university.

Paul Anim Inkoom (President), Bright Gati (Vice President), Daniel Kofi Boakye (Secretary), and Daniel Odoi Nyarko are among the pupils (Treasurer).

Meanwhile, students have been asked to familiarize themselves with the University’s Statutes in order to prevent violating them.

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