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Wicked Father Poisons His Two Children In Takoradi.(Watch video)

Angel Television broadcasts another terrible news from Ghana’s Western Region. Due to a misunderstanding between him (husband) and his wife, a 45-year-old man poisoned his two biological children and caused their deaths.

Mr. Benjamin has been identified as the evil father who murdered his two kids. According to a report released by Kwadwo Dickson and Angel TV Reporter from the Western Region of Takoradi, Mrs. Comfort Arthur, who is Mr. Benjamin’s wife, decided to leave the relationship due to a misunderstanding.
Mr. Benjamin disagreed with his wife’s decision, therefore he resolved to murder his two children with Mrs. Comfort ( Business Woman).

Mr. Benjamin, after killing his two children, decided to consume the same poison, but he did not perish. The police have arrested Mr. Benjamin to aid investigations and bring him to justice.

Watch the full-story,skip to 7th minute for this particular news;

Source: Angel TV

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