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All the Solutions to Ghana’s problems are in my manifesto – Kofi Akpaloo

Kofi Akpaloo, the leader and founder of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), has stated that the solution to the social and economic problems facing Ghana is concisely outlined in the LPG manifesto.

“High unemployment rate, suffering businesses, and a crumbling economy are all addressed in the LPG 2024 manifesto,” he told the media at a news conference in Accra on Friday, in reference to Ghana’s economic issues.

He continued, “In the LPG’s manifesto, there is a large investment for infrastructure development, with millions earmarked to build roads, hospitals, and schools.”

Mr. Kofi Akpaloo stated that there was also a well-thought-out strategy to create one million jobs for young Ghanaians and eliminate the “galamsey” problem, which has caused considerable damage to the country’s flora cover and water bodies.

“I shall urge all Ghanaians to continue reading the party’s manifesto and to spread the message to all Ghanaians that the country may be liberated from these challenges through the LPG.

“I am confident that if we work hard as a political party leading up to the 2024 elections, the LPG will not only win the majority of parliamentary seats, but also the presidency,” he stated.

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