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Amber Heard’s team change course on Johnny Depp testimony

Ms. Heard’s lawyers had planned to summon Mr. Depp in for further questioning on Monday, but abruptly altered course at noon.

Mr. Depp, 58, sued his ex-wife for $50m for a column in which she claimed to be the victim of domestic violence. Ms. Heard, age 36, has filed a counterclaim.

The case is anticipated to conclude this week.

The former girlfriend of Mr. Depp, British supermodel Kate Moss, is likely to testify in the remaining days of the defamation trial.

Monday in Fairfax, Virginia, the court heard testimony from many witnesses called by Ms. Heard’s legal team, including psychologist David Spiegel.
Dr. Spiegel stated that Mr. Depp demonstrates “behaviors consistent with both substance abuse problem and intimate partner assault perpetration.”

Dr. Spiegel informed the jury that between 40 and 60 percent of intimate partner violence is committed under the influence of alcohol or substance use disorders.

On cross-examination, Mr. Depp’s attorneys attempted to discredit this testimony by emphasizing Dr. Spiegel’s lack of direct interaction with Mr. Depp.

Also on Monday, a hand surgeon testified that it was doubtful that Mr. Depp’s finger was cut in the manner he has described during a confrontation with Ms. Heard in Australia.

Mr. Depp claims that Ms. Heard amputated the tip of his middle finger when she threw a vodka bottle at him.

The jury was shown graphic photographs of Mr. Depp’s wounded finger while Dr. Richard Moore said that the injury was more consistent with having been squeezed by a closing door.

Dr. Moore did not examine Mr. Depp physically at the time of the injury.

Ms. Heard’s legal team is anticipated to rest its case early in the week, before Mr. Depp’s legal team has its last opportunity to convince the jury.
Monday’s evidence from the two physicians was the latest in a long line of opposing expert statements. Ms. Heard has two personality problems, according to the testimony of a psychologist hired by Mr. Depp’s team.

The team of Ms. Heard called in a second expert, who rejected this conclusion and instead concluded that Ms. Heard had post-traumatic stress disorder.

Ms. Heard and Mr. Depp have each testified in the protracted court case, providing dramatically divergent portrayals of their brief, turbulent marriage.

Ms. Heard asserted that Mr. Depp was prone to drink and drug binges, was easily provoked by sentiments of envy, and frequently engaged in violent rages.

Mr. Depp counterclaimed that he was the victim of Ms. Heard’s mood swings, telling the jury that he habitually endured her verbal, emotional, and physical assault.

Source: BBC

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  2. So she still don’t see they just want to continue chopping her money. She ain’t serious..she’d go totally bankrupt when this ends

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