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Ghana to repatriate Nigerien beggars on streets of Accra

The Nigerien Embassy in partnership with the Ghanaian government has begun the process of repatriating several Nigerien street beggars from Accra.

Abdallah Mohamed Hassan, a spokeswoman for the Nigerien Embassy in Accra, stated on Accra 100.5 FM’s 6:00 a.m. newscast on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, that the embassy has asked the Ghanaian authorities to remove the Nigerien beggars from Accra’s streets.

According to him, through the partnership with the Ghanaian government, around one thousand beggars, including children, have been mobilized and will be returned in compliance with Ghanaian migratory norms.

He explained that this is to eliminate the annoyance of Nigerien nationals begging on Accra’s streets.

He assured the returning Nigeriens in Ghana that they will be provided with employable skills.

He stated that all individuals who would be deported to Niger as a result of actions to remove Nigerien beggars from Accra’s streets will be cared for at home.

He emphasized that the Nigerien government has provided jobs for all returning citizens.

He warned that anybody who seek to return to Ghana after being repatriated as a result of the collaboration will be treated in accordance with Ghana’s immigration regulations.

Recently, children reported to be Nigerien nationals from the sub-region of West Africa have invaded major Accra streets, seizing the medians and traffic crossings of some main routes in order to harass vehicles and pedestrians for money.

The sites where children are most frequently observed are the Graphic Road, Lapaz, Achimota, and Kasoa Old Barrier traffic lights, the University of Professional Studies (UPSA) intersection, the Accra Mall, Adjiringano, Shiashie near the Emmanuel Eye Clinic, and a few ceremonial streets.

Source: ModernGhana

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